Gauchos Fire, is a company based in Indianapolis, Indiana created to bring the Brazilian flavors, culture, and tradition to the Hoosier land. Gauchos Fire food truck and restaurant is the dream and realization of two immigrants: Rogerio Tregnago (from Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil) and his wife Ruby Tregnago (from Bogota, Colombia).  Rogerio loves to share his gaucho traditions and his love for a good piece of beef (churrasco). Rogerio has live in Indianapolis for more than 10 years and he has brought his experience from the restaurant business to their mobile cuisine and now to their brick and mortar, where he can delight people with some of the most popular Brazilian specialties. 

With its mission and its commitment to share the Brazilian culture, Gauchos Fire has been nominated as one of the best food trucks in Indiana and one of the top ten trucks in the country.

About Us